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NIMO is one of the most important retailers in the business of ophthalmic equipment and consumable material in Chinese mainland, and have established cooperative relationships with partners in the US,Switzerland,Canada and Italy. 

NIMO has always devoted itself to bring in the most advanced medical technology and products worldwide, and is striving to improve people’s health.

Ophthalmic Equipment

Ophthalmic Equipment
NIMO’s medical equipment mainly include: 
Multi-spectral Fundus Stratified Imaging System RHA£¬which is an innovation and breakthrough in the field of fundus disease; The most advanced Phaco and Phaco Vitrectomy Machine;Tenonometer;


Ophthalmic Device

Ophthalmic Device

NIMO has the following consumable material:

Tetraflex IOL;Ophthalmic Viscoelastic;Pre-loading Iris Expander;Glaucoma Drainage Implants — Healaflow;
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