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Tetraflex Intraocular Lens

 Designed to provide enhanced near, intermediate and distance vision with fewer halos and glare and no loss of contrast, TetraflexTM delivers clearer, safer vision without compromise. It is a true evolution of vision.

Mechanism of Action
Ciliary muscle swells and vitreous moves adjust by the unique design of the Tetraflex haptics, which induces useful aberrations similar to “sails” and delivers clearer near, intermediate and distance vision.
  • The unique design of Tetraflex haptics(4 antennae, 5 Degrees)
  • Hydrophilic acrylic material, with excellent optical properties and biocompatibility
  • 0.2 Diopter increments from +18.0 to +25.0, the highest manufacturing tolerances IOL in the world
  • 5.75mm the complete optical Size, with low incidence of contrast sensitivity and low incidence of visual disturbance
  • Mini-bolus system implanted
Technical Information
Model KH3500
Optic Material Acrylic£¨26% water£©
Optic Type Equiconvex
Optic Size 5.75mm
Haptic 4 antennae£¬5 Degrees
A Constant 118.0£¨Echoscan£© 118.54£¨IOL Master£©
A/C Depth 5.10mm
Diopter increments +5.0~+36.0D
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