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Softec HD aspheric intraocular lens


Product name: zero spherical aberration aspheric IOL

Model: Softec HD
Manufacturer: Lenstec Inc.
Origin: America
Softec HD designed with zero spherical aberration and equiconvex optic is the first aspheric lens approved FDA in the world. It is also the most accurate IOL in power in the world.
         0.25 diopter increments from +18.0 to +25.0 , with the most accurate manufacturing tolerance.
         Designed with zero spherical aberration, unaffected by tilt or decentration, with larger applicable population.
         Hydrophilic acrylic material, with excellent optical properties and biocompatibility.
         Designed with equiconvex aspheric optic and adapt to a variety of optical conditions.
         Micro-injection system implanted
         Preloded system available(optional)
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