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Fundus slice imaging system RHA


Product nameRHA
Manufacturer Annidis
CharacteristicsImprove the visibility of RPE and deeper layer of retina safely and scientifically.


1.  The gateway to RPEwith high-defination.

RHA is the only fundus inspection equipment that can realize the en face visualization of RPE in high definition.  
 2. RHA obtains the blood vessel information in a non-invasive way,get out of the risks and side effects of using fluorescein.RHA makes fundus vascular examinations more safer and easier. 
3RHA realizes the real ten layers imaging of retina,from internal limiting lamina (ILL) of the retina to the RPE, layer by layer.
4Stereo imaging, authentic and intuitive, helping doctors master the real fundus change condition
5Unique auto fluorescence (FAF) function of RHA.
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