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Model 30™ Pneumatonometer

 SCI accepted, internationally recognized, universally available, patient comfortable 

Product name: Pneumatonometer
Model: Model 30™
Manufacturer: Reichert Inc.
Origin: America


It settled previous problem that intraocular pressure is susceptible to corneal performance, providing accurate tonometry measurement, ocular pulse amplitude measurement and assessment for the coefficient of aqueous outflow.



       Established data: test data has been accepted by SCI and widely used in the field of ophthalmology.

       Accurate measurement: measured result with Model 30 Pneumatonometer will not be affected by corneal thickness,and with larger applicable population

       Ocular pulse amplitude measurement: used for evaluating the change of ocular pulse when it goes with the change of breathing and heart rate.

       Tonography (2 minutes or 4 minutes): used for assessing the coefficient of aqueous outflow facility.

       Easy to use: patient can be measured by sitting or lying down, with intuitive interface and easy to operate.

       Optional footswitch: help the operator concentrated on measuring.

       Soft test gas: won't bring any pressure and discomfort to the patient.

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