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emulsification and vitrectomy equipment R-Evolution CR
Mark the new era of anterior and posterior segment combined surgery!
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Product name: emulsification and vitrectomy equipment
Model: R-Evolution CR
Manufacturer: OPTIKON Inc.
Origin: Italian

 R-Evolution CR is an advanced platform of anterior and posterior segment surgery,in the lead of the world, obtained a series of patents cover the main surgical areas. programmed to realize perfect emulsification peformance by minimal stress phaco emulsification technology, high-speed vitrectomy performance ranks as first in the world,initiating the best postoperative effects.
      "Double feedback" mechanism realizes optimal energy control,minimize trauma in the procedure.
      2.2mm Micro incision coaxial phacoemulsification
      4 piezoelectric crystals,extra light,extra slim shaft
      6,000 cuts per minute high-speed vitrectomy,safer and more effective
      Dual independent HID lamps for lighting,4 filters
      Fully programmable bluetooth foot pedal
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