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Fundus Camera Project

In 2012, NIMO supports the national ophthalmical research & development projects of the development of common eye disease information acquisition transmission equipment and Intraocular drug minimally invasive delivery system.NIMO is in charge of the development of portable fundus camera in the project.

Background of the Project:
Directed towards the urgent need of diagnosis and treatment for common eye diseases, NIMO has been committed to develop the Eye Information Acquisition equipment and system suitable to the township and community health agencies, establish the digital, network information integration system based on the township hospital as acquisition center, county hospital as service center, Grade III hospital as guidance center, which provide very convenient eye disease screen for large population of township and community people, the remote consultation and oriented referral service for the emergency eye disease, the monitoring service for the patients with chronic eye disease, and predict the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular for the patients with diabetes or hypertension.
Advantage of the product:
1. Competitive Price, Multi-function
Compared with competitive product, besides with cheaper price, it’s able to diagnose the common eye disease, such as glaucoma, cataract, retinal hemorrhage, keratitis, retinal detachment and etc., and monitor the condition. Approximately 90% patients with blind eye diseases can be monitored by this product and it also can be applied to monitor the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes and other systemic diseases.
2. High-performance, Easy-Operation
The main technical specification index of the portable equipment is better than the competitive product’s. Easy Operation, No need professionals and patient can conduct some checking by himself/herself.
3. Digital, Network
Acquired eye image and information fully digitalized, equipped with patient self-identify and information wireless transmission function. The routine eye examination can be completed in the community hospitals. Manpower, transportation cost saved and efficiency improved.
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